Earth in the Hot Seat

Earth in the Hot Seat: Bulletins from a Warming World

Earth in the Hot Seat: Bulletins from a Warming World
National Geographic Children’s Books, March 2009
ISBN 978-1426304347

From the jacket copy:
The Earth is getting warmer, and while the planet will survive this, many of its inhabitants may not, not if we can’t slow the tons of carbon pouring into our atmosphere.

Earth in the Hot Seat clearly explains the phenomenon of and the science behind global warming. It uses real people and real-life examples to report from the front lines of the fight to protect our warming planet. It explores the challenges—and the opportunities—presented by climate change…Most important, it inspires us to care about the planet. It’s the only one we’ve got.

Listen to an interview with Marfe on National Geographic Weekend, talking about the book.

Reviews and recognition:
Earth in the Hot Seat won the 2010 Green Earth Book Award for nonfiction. The award honors books “that best raise awareness of the beauty of our natural world and the responsibility that we have to protect it.”

"This exceptional book…stands out for its clarity, visual appeal, and ability to reach students by offering clearly defined situations and ideas. A first choice for environmental-science sections."—School Library Journal, starred review

"The urgency of our global warming problem comes across very clearly in…Delano’s well-written account."—Horn Book

"Delano sounds the alarm…in ways that her young audience is particularly likely to heed…Featuring plenty of telling photographs…plus a terrific multimedia resource list, this offers both cogent arguments for being concerned and feasible pathways to an eco-activist mindset."—Kirkus Reviews